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VINE ~ Muin

2nd September ~ 29th September

Vine is the gift of the Gods. Its sweet fruits are not only delicious and refreshing, but also easily fermented and transformed into wine. Wine, especially red wine, has long served as a sacrament to signify blood. Originally sacred to Dionysus, the God of ecstasy, it has been adapted by Christianity and come to symbolise the blood of Christ, signifying the mystery of eternal life and resurrection.

As Vine has never been native in the British Isles, Bramble has been accepted as a substitute. Its habit is somewhat similar and the fruit resemble tiny bunches of grapes, which can quite easily be fermented into a heady, deep purple/red wine.

Vine symbolises the harvest season, the riches of Mother Earth and the sacred rites of intoxication and divine ecstasy. In the Celtic Tree Calendar, Vine symbolises the 10th month, the time when the grapes are beginning to ripen.

Wear Vine Tree Wisdom Perfume to attune to the alchemical process of transformation. To become one with the Gods and Goddesses means to share in their divine ecstasy.