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Salvia apiana

American White Sage, native to southern California, is closely related to our garden sage, but its scent is far more pungent and strong. The plants take a while to get established, but will thrive in the driest conditions once they have taken and will grow up to 3 feet tall. Its leaves are very smooth, velvety and white. Bees adore this herb and create quite a buzz over it during flowering time. Native Americans have long appreciated White Sage for its powerful cleansing and protective powers and use it ritually in their sweat lodges. Sadly, White Sage is becoming endangered. The specific needs for its growing conditions and its slow growth make it vulnerable in the wild, not just to the unethical harvesting practices of greedy collectors, but also to property developers that encroach ever further on its habitat.

White Sage is rarely used in aromatherapy due to the rarity of this oil and lack of information regarding its therapeutic properties. As with all Sages, this oil should not be used during pregnancy or by people susceptible to epileptic fits.

White Sage oil can be used for purification and protection. It dispels evil spirits and can be used in banishing and exorcism rites. It is also used for prophecy and divination.

A very pungent, almost clinical scent. Blends with Frankincense, Clary Sage, and Thyme, but its scent is very overpowering,so dose carefully.