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Rosa damascena

Rose Otto is a virgin -collected in the early hours of the morning before the dew falls, its scent remains pure and undiluted. 'Rose Otto' is a deviation of the term 'Attar of Roses', which simply means 'Rose oil'. The term is used to distinguish it from Rose absolute, which is solvent extracted rather than by steam distillation, CO2 extraction or enfleurage. Rose Otto derives from the Damascene Rose, which was originally cultivated in Persia. Like everything about Roses, the story of its discovery is linked to a tale of romance. Once upon a time at the wedding feast of princess Nour-Djihan and Emperor Djihanguyr, a canal was dug out to circle around the royal gardens. It was filled with rose petals and rosewater. When the couple set off on their scented ride they noticed an oily film of the most beautiful perfume floating on the water. The heat of the midday sun had separated the oil and the rest is history. Today, Persia no longer produces significant amounts of Rose Otto. The largest region of cultivation is in a small area of Bulgaria, where the growing conditions seem to be just perfect. Some Rose Otto also comes from France, though most French Rose oil is Rose Absolute, which derives from Rosa Centifolia. Rose Otto is extremely concentrated: it takes about 40000 flowers to make an ounce of Rose oil, each individually picked before dawn.

Rose Otto is extensively used in perfumery and cosmetics. For aromatherapy skin care it is particularly helpful for dry and tired skin. Rose has cell rejuvenating powers, making it ideal for aged skin and wrinkles. Recently Rosehip seed oil has also become popular as a healing oil. The two together in a cosmetic base could work magic. But Rose oil does not just go skin deep, it treats the whole person. Beauty comes from within, and Rose is perhaps the best oil to let oneself FEEL beautiful. It also acts on a number of feminine complaints, most notably PMT symptoms, irregular menstrual cycle and infertility. Caution: Not recommended during first 4 months of pregnancy.

Roses are synonymous with love and sacred to Venus/Aphrodite. The oil can be used in all rites of love, for love spells or for amulets to attract a lover. It can also be used to heal a broken heart and overcome disappointment. Venus/Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, presides over all matters of the heart, and the Rose, as her most sacred herb, acts as her messenger. Rose oil is ideal for getting in touch with the source of feminine power within and serves well at all stages of initiation into the female mysteries. It may also be used in fertility rites and to call or welcome new souls into our world. Rose may be used to study the higher levels of alchemical mysteries and to manifest abundance.

Somewhat headier and more concentrated than Rose Abs. Blends well with Jasmine, Frankincense, Benzoin and Neroli.

1ml* Dilution. 1ml: 9ml Light Coconut Oil.