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Anemone pulsatilla

A beautiful, almost ethereal herb of spring, Pasque Flower is named for the time of year when it blossoms - according to Gerard, who claims to have christened it. In some rural parts the juice of its purple sepals was once used as a dye for Easter eggs. Pasque Flower is a member of the Ranunculaceae and like many of its cousins, the fresh herb has an extremely acrid taste. The herb is not much used today as it is not only somewhat hazardous, but it also counts among the wild flowers that have become rare in recent years. It continues to be used in homeopathy, where it has proved to be of great value.

Pasque Flower is a relaxant for the uterine system and used for cases of nervous tension and cramping, painful periods and the like. It is also indicated for painful conditions of the testes and ovarian pain. It has been used for tension headaches and insomnia. Pulsatilla is used for spasmodic cough of asthma, whooping-cough and bronchitis. Externally it is used for boils and infections of the skin. In homeopathy it is considered a specific for measles.

Pasque Flower is an herb of the wind. It should not be brought into the house, lest it should cause harm to the inhabitants. Do not use during pregnancy. Monitor closely and do not exceed dosage directions. Best to use this herb under professional guidance.