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Aquilaria agollacha

The legendary Agarwood or Aloeswood, as it is sometimes referred to, is one of the most mysterious and precious substances used in perfumery and magic. Even in biblical times it was highly sought after and had a reputation of being a supreme aphrodisiac incense ingredient. Its true origin lies in Southeast Asia, where it is just as highly desired. The Japanese, who have a highly refined incense culture, are particularly keen on Agarwood, which forms the basis of most of their blends. In India it is known as Garu Garu and is associated with Garuda, the divine eagle who carries Lord Vishnu on his wings. In Chinese, more pragmatically, it is known as 'sinking incense', which refers to the fact that the resin-laden wood will sink in water rather than swim. What make this substance so precious and rare is that fact that the resin only develops as a pathological reaction to fungal infection of the heartwood. The older the tree and the more advanced the infection the more resin-drenched the wood will become. Due to the high demand, however, such wood is more and more difficult to find. As a result the price of wood chips and oil have soared. Due to greed and indiscriminate felling of even healthy trees the survival of the species has become threatened and trade has become restricted. However, there are projects under way that aim to produce Agarwood chips and Oud oil sustainably by artificially infecting planted trees with the fungus. If these projects succeed Agarwood may become more easily available and affordable and the wild trees may have a chance to survive.

Due to its rarity and preciousness this oil is rarely used in aromatherapy. It can be very helpful for certain mental disturbances and emotionally imbalanced states. It is used to 'stimulate chi' and to warm up the body from within. It is also used for stomach problems, bronchial asthma and rheumatic aches and painful joints.

Agarwood, or Ud as it is also called, is used in all spiritual traditions to achieve the highest states of consciousness during meditation and prayer. It is also highly valued as an aphrodisiac. Some sources believe that this effect is due to pheromone-type compounds present in the resin. Ud raises the spiritual vibration and can be used in transcendental meditation and high magic. It neutralises negative energy and stabilises mind and emotions.

A deeply balsamic, sweet, woody scent. Blends well with Sandlewood, Frankincense, Rose, Neroli, Jasmin, Frangipani, Vetivert, Carnation and Geranium though it would be a shame to blend this oil with anything else.

1ml* Dilution. 1ml: 9ml Light Coconut Oil.