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Melissa officinalis

Sometimes the humblest of herbs bear the greatest treasures. Melissa is a common garden herb and spreads so liberally that some people regard it as a weed. No showy flowers, nor pretty seeds, yet its essential oil is precious indeed. The ancients praised Melissa as 'an herb of Jupiter that gladdens the heart', the prozac of antiquity it seems, which Paracelsus thought capable of entirely restoring a man's vitality. Other writers admire its ability to strengthen the mind and memory. Melissa is a great oil for students as well as for old people whose memory begins to fade. It brings cheer to those who feel burdened. Lemon Balm is sacred to the Great Goddess and her honey bees, in fact, the name Melissa means 'bee' in Greek, and even in English Melissa is sometimes called 'bee balm'. Bee keepers rub their hives with the herb to ensure that their bees will always come back. Similarly, in times gone by, Melissa was used as a strewing herb to keep the home scented sweet and welcoming. Previously, only the herb was available to herbalist, but in recent years the essential oil has appeared on the market. Melissa may be a gentle herb, but when one considers that 7 tons are necessary to produce a single litre of oil, one begins to appreciate hits preciousness. So despite the price, a little goes a long way.

An excellent oil for the nervous system. It strengthens the vital spirits and eases heart and mind. It can be used for all kinds of nervous conditions such as depression, nervous tension, mental exhaustion, anxieties, phobias and even hysterics. It helps regulate menstrual problems and is one of the best oils for PMT and menopausal problems. It is also useful for the digestive system, in particular it supports the liver. It is a wonderful oil for insomnia and ideal to deeply relax after a stressful day. Some people swear by it as a specific for herpes simplex.

Melissa enables the student to absorb more deeply and to commit to memory what has been learnt, while freshening the mind and keeping spirits up. It is also a great oil for dispelling the demons of depression and loneliness. It is excellent for meditation, to find one's centre and bring peace to heart and mind. It can be used to open or balance the heart chakra. It may help to connect the practitioner with the cosmic flow of prosperity and help gain an understanding of the laws of giving and receiving. Melissa is also well known as a 'dream herb'. It may induce prophetic dreams and can be used for astral journeys.

'Lemon Balm' sums it up - a lemony, balmy scent, sweet, aromatic and joyful. Blends well with Rose, Geranium, Neroli, Lavender, Myrtle and Manuka.

1ml* Dilution. 1ml: 9ml Light Coconut Oil.