Isis Space Aroma By Star Child Glastonbury


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Isis, the primordial Egyptian Mother Goddess represents the mysteries of life, death and rebirth, of magic and healing and the source of creation itself. Her inscription reads 'I am the All - all that has been, all that is, all that will be'no mortal has ever seen what lies hidden beyond the veil...' Isis is the cosmic source who was there before time and space, before the Sun and the Moon and all of existence. Her mysteries are so deep and so unfathomable that they cannot be taught or captured in writing. She reveals herself only to the most earnest seeker who must pledge a vow of silence. To the profane mind her mysteries are beyond comprehension. Connecting to this archetype is to go beyond personal ego boundaries and touch upon the mysteries of existence.

Magical Infusions
Moon ~ Psychic sensitivity, self-reflection, fertility astral travel, visualisation, dream-work.

Venus ~ Open heart chakra, love, compassion, sensuality, giving and receiving, prosperity.