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Cetraia Islandica

Despite its name, Icelandic Moss is not a moss at all, but a lichen that looks like a moss. Historically, it was used for medicine as well as for food. Dried and ground it can be mixed with cocoa, or cooked as a gruel. In alpine countries it was mixed with water or soured milk and given to pigs and cows in order to fatten them and to increase milk production. People too, can benefit from the restorative effect of a medicinal soup made with this herb.

Traditionally Icelandic Moss has been used to treat tuberculosis. Its demulcent quality is very helpful in conditions that are characterised by dry mucosa, such as persistent, dry coughs and respiratory irritation after prolonged bronchial catarrh that leaves the patient weak and exhausted

Can be used to gain strength and to overcome difficulties, to restore equilibrium (chi) and increase well-being and wealth.