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Equisetum arvense

Horsetail belongs to an ancient family of plants, known as Equisetaceae, which have been around for millions of years. Long before human beings walked the earth they already fed the dinosaurs. In those days they grew as tall as trees and horsetail forests covered large tracts of land. Today they are looked down on as troublesome weeds that are almost impossible to get rid of. However, Horsetail is an extremely valuable healing herb that should be treasured instead of eradicated. Its main virtue lies in the fact that it is very rich in silicon. In the old days this property made it not just interesting for healing, but it also provided an excellent cleansing agent, which is still valued by certain craftsmen who use it as very fine sandpaper to give a fine polish to metal and precious stones. In the days when blacksmiths were closely allied with alchemists and knew some of their secrets, Horsetail was valued for giving magical strength to weapons and armour. Although gardeners don't like Horsetails, they might appreciate its fungicidal properties as Horsetail infusions are effective in treating mildew and mintrust on blackspot on roses.

Horsetail is an excellent and valuable healing herb, especially for the connective tissues. When bones, hair, nails or teeth are soft or brittle Horsetail gives extra strength. It can also help repair damage to tendons and cartilages, or, used as a gargle, tighten loose teeth and stop gums from bleeding. It is a very effective styptic and can stop bleeding almost instantly. Thus it is an excellent remedy not just for external wounds, especially gangrene and bleeding eczema, but also for internal bleeding, e.g. bleeding stomach ulcers, bleeding from the lungs etc. Of course, these are serious conditions and professional guidance must be sought before attempting any self-treatment. Horsetail is also very valuable for all afflictions of the urinary tract, kidney and bladder inflammation, stones and prostatitis. Its immune system stimulating action supports the diuretic action in the treatment of these conditions. For even greater effectiveness, sitzbaths should be taken alongside the herbal tea. Externally, footbaths, wraps, compresses and such are all highly effective topical treatments to strengthen and heal affected body parts.

Horsetail strengthens resolve and defines boundaries. It can be used to make affirmations and commitments firm and to protect one's psychic space against unwanted intrusions. It helps to cleanse unwanted emotional rubble and debris from the system. It is an herb of Saturn.