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Camelia sinensis

Green Tea comes from the same plant as Black Tea, but unlike the latter, it is unfermented and unoxidised. Tea has been known in China for approximately 4000 years. According to legend the first tea plants grew from the eyelids of Prince Bodhidharma. Devoted to the idea of attaining enlightenment, he felt it was his duty to stay awake and remain in perpetual meditation. But one day he succumbed to slumber. When he awoke and realised what had happened, he was so disgusted with himself that he cut off his eyelids and threw them away. Alas, where they fell the first Camellia plants grew. Ever since then he rolled up the leaves and chewed them, in order to stay awake. To prevent enzymatic oxidation Green Tea leaves are steamed, hand rolled and dried immediately after picking.

Lower in caffeine and richer in anti-oxidants that fight cancer causing free radicals, Green tea is a great healthful choice for a regular beverage with a mildly stimulating, protective and tonic effect. It helps to safeguard the body against several types of cancer as well as cardiovascular problems and lowers cholesterol levels. Green Tea extract is also thought to protect against UV rays, which is why it sometimes listed as an ingredient in skin care products.

The harmonising and stress reducing effect of green tea makes for an excellent beverage to aid meditation.