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Citrus x paradisi

Grapefruit is a relatively modern fruit, the hybridized offspring that resulted from an illicit affair between a pumelo and an orange tree. It was first described by Griffith Hughes in 1750, who called it 'the forbidden fruit of Barbados'. Thus, it is a true New World crop. Its cultivation quickly spread north to the warm areas of the United States. The trees are semi-hardy, though they die back in severe frost, they later miraculously recovering and spring back to life without apparent damage. Such 'reborn' trees are even capable of bearing fruit again. Claim to fame as the northernmost fruit bearing grapefruit tree goes to 'Aunt Queeny', which was grown from seed and survives - year round - outside, in a sheltered spot of the Chelsea Physicke's Garden in London. Grapefruit are primarily valued as a fruit that is very rich in vitamin C content and is said to have cancer protective properties. It also lowers the blood sugar and it is often promoted as a diet aid. The seed extract is strongly anti-biotic and anti-fungal and has become the number one natural preservative. Grapefruits can have interactions with synthetic medicines. The essential oil is extracted by cold pressing of the peel. Grapefruit oil has photosensitising properties.

Grapefruit oil is primarily used for its effect on cellulites and water retention. It is also valued in aromatherapy skin care products for its skin toning and cleansing properties, which are especially useful for oily or congested skin and acne. It is also a great oil to lift the spirit and provide support in stress related conditions, fatigue, depression and nervous exhaustion.

As a 'newcomer', Grapefruit oil does not have a long established history in magical aromatherapy, which does not mean to say that it is not potent. On the contrary, Grapefruit can be used like other citrus fruit, but will provide even more 'punch'. It is energising and purifying and can be used for ritual cleansing and healing rites. It awakens the senses and promotes mental clarity. It signifies inner strength and resilience in adversity and is an appropriate oil for initiation rituals to aid the renewal of the soul.

A fresh, citrus-like, slightly, bitter-aromatic and punchy scent. Blends well with Bergamot, Cypress, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon and Rosemary.