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Gardenia grandiflora

Gardenias, with their beautiful large, white lunar flowers, were once highly prized exotic rarities. At home in the tropics, in India, China and the Pacific Islands, they were introduced to Britain by the plant hunters during the Age of Discovery. The Gardenia genus, which comprises some 200 species, is a member of the coffee family. It was named after Alexander Garden, a Scottish naturalist and physician who had moved to South Carolina. He studied the local flora and often sent specimens to Linnaeus for identification and naming. However, he played no role in the discovery of gardenia or the classification of the genus. 

In China, Gardenia is called Zhi Zi. It is well-known as traditional food and medicine. The fruit, characterized as cold and bitter, is used to remedy ‘yin deficiencies’. However, the Essential Oil (Absolute) has quite different properties.

As with many floral essential oils, the delicate flowers are not suitable for steam distillation. Instead, they are extracted with a hydrocarbon solvent. The resulting oil is then purified with the help of ethanol. Gardenia Absolute is a much sought after ingredient of high-class perfumery. 

Commercial products such as soap and candles use synthetic imitations of gardenia oil that are no comparison to the divinely exotic scent of Gardenia Absolute.

Gardenia's complex, alluring floral aroma is highly sensual. No wonder it is praised as an aphrodisiac. As an ingredient of aromatherapy massage and bath oils, it can help release muscle tensions and relieve aches and pain. Gardenia can be used to ease anxiety and restlessness.

It dispels the dark clouds of misery, lifts the spirit and relaxes the mind. It is suggested for insomnia, helping the mind escape its worries.

Although Gardenia oil is commonly described as an aphrodisiac, that is a poor characterization. Its vibrational energy does not directly promote the fire of lust. Instead, it enhances sensuality and opens the heart chakra. Gardenia Absolute is a perfect choice for handfasting rituals or to reaffirm nuptial vows. It is also a good choice for naming ceremonies. Gardenia is a flower of the Moon that emanates peace and love. It is ideal for clearing the atmosphere of bad vibes and arguments

The heavenly exotic floral fragrance blends well with Bergamot, Petitgrain, Tuberose, Rose Otto, Ylang Ylang, Neroli.

Cape jasmine, Gandhraj, Cape jessamine, Danh-Danh.

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1ml* Dilution. 1ml: 9ml Light Coconut Oil.