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Boswellia sacra

There are many species of Frankincense. Frankincense sacra trees grow in Oman and Yemen. This species produces what is rated as the highest quality of Frankincense available. Frankincense trees are incredibly resilient and can survive in the most adverse and hostile conditions. They grow very slowly and only begin to produce resin once they have reached 8-10 years of age. The sap is harvested by making repeated incisions. Each successive cut yields purer and clearer resin. Overharvesting has been a problem and wild populations are endangered. But the recognition of the tremendous value of these trees has led to conservation efforts and more sustainable harvesting practices.

The resin’s scent is simply divine. Frankincense sacra’s medicinal properties are similar but superior to those of other types of Frankincense. Medical researchers have even found it to be effective against several types of cancers.

The essential oil is steam distilled.

The essential oil of Boswellia sacra shares many of the medicinal properties and uses of standard Frankincense, but it is considered more effective. Researchers have found it to be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent. It is used in many aromatherapy skincare products to tone ageing skin, reduce stretch marks and clear up dermal impurities. As an ingredient of massage oil, it can help to reduce the inflammatory pain of aching joints. It can be found as a constituent of aromatherapy moisturizers and lotions and lends its fragrance to high-class perfumes.

Frankincense opens the heart chakra and attunes the mind to the highest spiritual vibrations - it exudes sacredness. It is used for consecration and as an offering to the Gods. An excellent oil for meditation and contemplation of spiritual love and wisdom. Frankincense banishes negative energies and demons. It can be used for purification and protection, especially in ceremonial or ritual settings.. It aids study, particularly of spiritual or philosophical matters, and is useful for all kinds of healing rituals.

An uplifting, warm-balsamic, slightly fruity, clean scent with a hint of spiciness. Blends well with Cypress, Bergamot, Rose, Petitgrain, and Pine.