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Chamaelirium luteum

There has been much confusion surrounding the history of this herb, which has come to us via the Native American plant lore. Older herbals refer to it by a variety of differing names, most of which have also been used to describe other plants. Quite commonly it is referred to as Helonias dioica, a name that probably refers to the habitat in which it grows (helos - marsh). However, False Unicorn does not properly belong to that genus. Its common names are equally confusing: Blazing Star also implies Liatris spicata and Devil's Bit usually refers to a species of Scabiosa. Furthermore, False Unicorn root is also often confused with True Unicorn root (Aletris farinose). False Unicorn root was once common in the moist forests of the Eastern United States, but loss of habitat and over harvesting have made this plant rare. It is not an easy plant to cultivate, but unless someone tries it will become endangered before too long.

False Unicorn Root is a very interesting plant. It is usually described as being useful for the female reproductive system and a specific for threatened miscarriage. In fact, it is a regulating herb - like ginseng, it can adapt to the body's needs. Sapoglycosides, the same constituents that are responsible for Ginseng's apparent contradicting action, are also active in False Unicorn Root. Unfortunately False Unicorn root has not received anywhere near as much attention and so, its precise action is still a mystery to science. False Unicorn root act quite comprehensively on the uterine system. It is indicated when there is a sense of fullness and tearing in the right side of the womb as though the womb wanted to collapse. It treats the general malaise and irritability that goes with uterine discomforts and soothes the pain and aches of the lower back. It is indicated for irregular menstruation as well as for endometriosis and cysts of the uterus. It can be given whenever the patient is weak and feeble and easily fatigued. However, this remedy must be taken under proper guidance for it is very powerful and is considered a cardiotoxin. Large doses can cause vomiting. Do not use during pregnancy.

There are not many references regarding the magical uses of False Unicorn Root, but it may be used as an amulet to protect pregnant women. It can also be used to restore inner peace and balance, especially for those susceptible to moon time wobbles.

Not all herbs are suitable in pregnancy, breastfeeding or for young children, or if you are unwell, or taking any medication. If in doubt, please ask a medical herbalist or healthcare practitioner.