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Ceridwen is the Celtic Hag Goddess, who reigns over the mysteries of life, death and transformation. In her cauldron of changes she concocts the famous brew of inspiration. Those who taste of it will at once understand the secrets of creation - past, present and future. They will be transformed and reborn as eternally wise beings. Ceridwen might be a hag, but she guards the most precious secrets. Recognition of the hag as the inner shadow is the path to Ceridwen's Cauldron of Inspiration.

Burn this incense to help you confront the hag in your meditations so you might tap into Ceridwen's power of transformation and source of wisdom.

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Triple Moon ~ The three phases of the lunar cycle, womanhood, rites of passage, initiation, rejuvenation, transformation, process of becoming, female mysteries, magic, imagination, manifestation, feminine creativity, reception, psychic sensitivity, intuition, nurture, reflection.