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Eschholtzia californica

This beautiful wildflower is at home on the west coast of America. Its vibrantly glowing orange and yellow flowers are very attractive and thus have easily found their way into our gardens. Native Americans have used this gentle cousin of the opium poppy since pre-historic times. It was traditionally gathered while flowering, when the alkaloid content is highest and used as a mild pain killer for children and to help them go to sleep.

Californian Poppy was introduced to Europe in the 18th-Century, but although it is much loved as a garden flower, its medicinal value is largely ignored. Although related to opium poppy, Californian Poppy has a calming and soothing effect on the central nervous system, rather than a hypnotic one. It has been used to ally pain, especially toothache, and as a relaxant in cases of anxiety, nervousness and stress. According to some recent studies it has shown very good results in the treatment of children who are suffering from ADHS/ADS, anxiety and bedwetting.

Californian Poppy is sometimes used in smoking mixes. It can be used as a ritual cup to calm and focus the mind for meditation or ritual practices.