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Barosna betulina /syn. Agathosma betulina

A fragrant bush, native to South Africa and a member of the Rue family, Buchu leaves belong to the traditional material medica of the San and Khoi-Khoi people.

Buchu leaves have traditionally been used as a digestive tonic and urinary remedy. Externally an infusion was used as a wash for wounds and as an insect repellent. The Dutch settlers adapted the use of this herb and steeped it in alcohol to soothe stomach troubles. It was introduced to Britain in 1821. Today it is mostly used in combination with other herbs to treat inflammation of the bladder, urethritis, and prostatitis.

In Africa the herb is considered protective and the leaves are sometimes sprinkled around the house to ward off evil influences. Sometimes also worn as an amulet or used as a protection bath.