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Piper nigrum

It is hard to imagine today how something as ordinary as Pepper could have been a highly prized commodity just a few hundred years ago. The ravenous taste for exotic spices inspired the search for a sea route to the East, which for the participants was not just a an opportunity for adventure, but often a matter of life and death with the alluring promise of fantastic fortunes to be made. Not just companies, but empires were built on this insatiable appetite, wars were fought and world history made for the sake of Pepper & co.! Pepper has been a major trade item since before the time of Christ. The Visigoths once ransacked Rome and demanded 3000 pounds of pepper as a ransom. They must have liked the taste, for they returned two years later and from then on levied and annual Pepper tithe of 3000 pounds, which amounted roughly to the city's annual supply. Pepper was not just tasty, but alluringly exotic and, like most exotic things, it was advertised as a powerful aphrodisiac. No wonder appetite for it was so voracious.

In small quantities Pepper oil can be used as a local stimulant, especially for muscular aches and rheumatic pains. It gives a sense of warmth by drawing blood into the treated area. It stimulates circulation and can be used to treat chilblains. Also, nerve pain, neuralgia, sprains etc. can be treated with Pepper oil. Use with caution and only in small amounts. Skin sensitization is likely.

Pepper adds a punch to any magical work or intention. It is stimulating and can be used to overcome inertia. It is a good oil to use for rituals of Mars and will promote courage, strength and inner fire. Pepper is protective and can be used to banish unwanted energies. It may also be used in sex magic.

A volatile, fresh, perky, spicy woody scent. Blends well with Frankincense, Marjoram, Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Coriander, Bay and Geranium.