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Angelica Archangelica

Angelica has a powerful presence. Tall and sturdy, yet sprouting filigree flowers and leaves, its sublime posture never fails to impress. The Ancients saw it as the earthly presence of the archangel Michael. Angelica was thought to dispel almost any ailment, even highly infectious diseases such as the plague! No invisible 'demon of disease' could be a match for the eminent vitality of this mighty protector.

Angelica is a member of the celery family, which contains many edible, but also some highly poisonous species. While Angelica is not a vegetable or kitchen herb, like many of its cousins, it is no stranger to the kitchen either. In the past, its candied Angelica roots were eaten as a snack. Nowadays, it is more commonly used as a medicinal herb. The root is the most potent part. It makes a powerful tonic and immune system boost. Its aromatic properties also make it a very effective stomachic capable of settling all kinds of digestive troubles. Especially if stress is the cause, Angelica acts like a soothing angel.

Both roots and seeds contain volatile oils, but aromatherapists mostly employ the oil distilled from the root. Aromatherapy skincare products that alleviate irritable or inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis may contain Angelica oil.  By stimulating the peripheral circulation, it can also help with dull, congested skin. In massage oil blends, it helps to relieve rheumatic and gouty pains. For bronchial congestion and other respiratory conditions, it is best used as an inhalant. Diffused in an oil lamp, it can help alleviate stress and nervous tension, as well as debilitating conditions such as anorexia. 

The archangel of herbs is an unrivalled protector. In magical aromatherapy, Angelica oil is used to strengthen resilience and resolve. It comes to the aid of those who have difficulties making decisions and standing by them.  Angelica oil can be added to blends to dispel fears and anxiety and to fortify endurance. The earthy scent of Angelica root oil belongs to the element of earth. It is an excellent aid to help connect with the physical realm. It can be used for grounding and to get in touch with the body.

The root oil has a warm, slightly spicy and strongly earthy-aromatic scent reminiscent of musk and benzoin. It blends well with other base notes such as patchouli, opoponax, clary sage, oakmoss and vetivers, and benzoin but also with citrus oils such as bergamot, petitgrain, Lemongrass, Juniper, Manuka and Ylang Ylang.

Garden angelica, Wild celery, Norwegian angelica, Archangel, Masterwort, Ground ash.

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