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HAZEL ~ Coll

5th August ~ 1st September

The humble Hazel hardly gives the impression of a powerful sacred tree, yet its magical importance cannot be overstated. The flowers appear very early in the year, dangling from the branches like glowing ribbons, long before the leaves appear. A strong display of a vibrant life force, which later becomes even more evident, as the highly suggestive nuts develop. It is hardly surprising that Hazel was thought to have aphrodisiac qualities and played an important role in fertility magic.

Hazel is sacred to the White Goddess and thus considered a magical tree of witches' and wizards. Broomsticks and magic wands were fashioned from its rods. The twigs are commonly used for divination, or more precisely, for dowsing, a practice especially employed to detect hidden sources of water, subtle energies and secret treasures. Esoterically, Hazelnuts are a metaphor for wisdom and knowledge. To get to the sweet nuggets of wisdom requires determined probing to break the protective shell - it is not on display for all and sundry to see. The king of the snake (also an image of wisdom) is said to have its nest at the root of a Hazel bush, guarding its wisdom.

Hazel signifies the 9th month in the Celtic Tree Calendar, a place it rightly deserves. Nine is the sacred number of the Goddess (3 x 3) and Hazel bears fruit after 9 years; henceforth it gives freely of its fruits of wisdom - to those who are determined and patient enough to pursue the quest.

Wear Hazel Tree Wisdom Perfume to invoke the determination and endurance to pursue your quest for knowledge and wisdom. The nuts may be hard to crack, the challenges manifold, but the rewards are sweet.