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APPLE ~ Quert

The humble Apple tree is a delight to the senses. In spring, the fragrant white flowers grace the landscape, signalling the return of the Goddess, clad in her new floral garment. In autumn she blesses us with a profusion of fruit as her bountiful gift. No tree is as sacred to the Goddess as the Apple tree, whose fruit bear her signature in the five pointed star at their core. Apple signifies spiritual integrity, love and wisdom. It symbolises understanding attained not by blind faith, but from experience - one has to bite into the apple of knowledge in order to know its taste... The gift bestowed upon those who ask the right question with pure intent is bliss and immortality of the soul - the paradisiacal garden of the Goddess is the Island of Apple-trees, also known as Isle of Avalon, land of the Blessed.

Apple, though considered a most sacred tree, does not have its own month in the Celtic Tree Calendar. It shares the month with Hazel, when both trees are in fruit and bless us with their gifts.

Wear Apple Tree Wisdom Perfume to connect to your own highest level of spiritual integrity and wisdom as a source of compassion and love for all life.