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Rosa canina

The flower of Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, is not just a pretty flower that confers a message of love. It also has miraculous properties that can help to maintain the youthful elasticity and freshness of the skin. Rose essential oil, Rose water and Rosehip seed oil are all well know skin tonics that have been used to invigorate the skin since time immemorial. Infused Rose oil is not quite as potent as Rose essential oil, but it is an excellent alternative for skin care preparations, especially for those who do not wish to use absolutes due to the possibility of chemical residues. Infused Rose oil carries all the therapeutic and magical properties of Rose flowers in a ready to use base oil that can be incorporated into bath and massage oils or used in home-made skin care preparations. It is slightly astringent and tonic and is particularly suitable for tired skin, but will enhance any type of skin care preparation for all types of skin.

Do not apply to open wounds.

*Infused in Almond Oil