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Artemisia pallens

Davana, a feathery leaved, highly aromatic herb, is a native to India and related to the Artemisias, like Mugwort or Wormwood. It shares its habitat with that of the Sandalwood trees of Mysore. Davana is considered sacred to Shiva, Lord of the Universe. The herb is picked in the morning and dedicated at his Altar. It often features in garlands and devotional offerings in pujas and processions. Davana has a fascinating personality, which interacts in the most intriguing manner with whoever works with it. It is like a mirror that reflects the unfathomable depth of each individual's own soul. Thus, when worn on the skin, Davana smells different on each person. This unique property is highly valued in high class perfumery to create fragrances with truly individual notes.

Davana is dedicated to Shiva. It can be used to help the practitioner recognize his own true self, improve self-image and help to let go of anxiety and fear. It may be used for initiation and transformation when crossing a bridge to another chapter in life. It can aid the process of individuation and may help to work through psychologically self-defeating patterns that limit a person's growth and progress and hold one back from true self-realisation. It is an oil that encourages belief in oneself and ones abilities. It is said to act strongly as an aphrodisiac.

A most alluring, sweet, balsamic, herbaceous scent with notes of honey and freshly mown hay.