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Citrus bergamia

Not to be confused with Bergamot, the Bee Balm herb (Monarda didyma), this Bergamot derives from a species of citrus tree, as the Latin name implies. Bergamot orange is a hybrid, the result of crossing bitter orange and lemon trees. Christopher Columbus originally found it growing in the Canary Islands and took it to Calabria in Southern Italy. Bergamot adjusted extremely well to this move - it is said that to this day Calabria produces the finest quality Bergamot oil, although it can be cultivated in Mediterranean climate zones. To the British, Bergamot has become an indispensable part of daily life - as the special flavouring note of our beloved Earl Grey tea. The fresh, uplifting scent is also a much valued ingredient of Eau-de-Colognes. In Edwardian times it was customary to fashion air fresheners by filling little silk bags with a blend of Bergamot and other dry, lemon scented herbs. Bergamot is indeed highly effective in getting rid of stale smells such as tobacco smoke and is even said to help those who want to quit the habit. Previously, when it was fashionable to flaunt sun-darkened skin, Bergamot was frequently included in sun-oils for its photosensitizing properties. Now we know better and only Bergapten free Bergamot oil, which is non-photosensitizing, is used for skin care products.

An excellent oil for stress related problems, such as uptightness and tension headaches, cold sores and for cases where stress negatively affects the digestive system. It stimulates appetite and aids digestion. Bergamot is relaxing and comforting, yet stimulating. It can help overcome depression, anxieties and fear. In aromatherapy skin care it may be used for oily skin and conditions that have a nervous or stress related component such as certain types of eczema, psoriasis and acne. Bergamot oil is insect repellent and photosensitizing: only use Bergapten free oil on skin that is exposed to sunlight after use.

Bergamot is used to invoke the sun. It dispels the demons of despondency and depression and clears mind and spirit. Like other citrus oils it can be used to boost self-confidence. It protects against negative influences and can help connecting to the higher self and purpose.

A sunny and warm yet slightly spicy-husky scent. It blends well with citrus type oils such as Lemon, Neroli, Petitgrain, Geranium and Lemon Verbena, but also with Rose, Jasmine, Cypress, Clary Sage and Cinnamon.

Bergamot orange, Orange tree.

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