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Lippia citriodora

Lemon Verbena originates in Peru and Chile and was first introduced to Britain in 1784. In the 18th and early 19th century it was a common garden plant that was valued for its beautifully fragranced leaves, but it has since then fallen out of fashion. In Mediterranean countries it has escaped from cultivation and can sometimes be encountered in the wild. In Latin America, and to some degree in Spain as well, it was appreciated for its medicinal and therapeutic values - as relaxant and carminative herb. Some sources ascribe it aphrodisiac properties though this is not so much due to any direct, stimulant action, but rather the result of its ability to relax an overly excited mind and to awaken sensual awareness. Lemon Verbena is often confused with Vervain, a herb that belongs to the same family, but otherwise bears little resemblance as far as energy or attributes are concerned.

Lemon Verbena is refreshing, yet soothing and calming. A very pleasant tasting tea can be made as a digestive tisane. It also soothes the mind and make a good relaxing bed time tea that brings deep and peaceful sleep. Thus Lemon Verbena can be included in blends for all sorts of stress related conditions, especially those that affect the stomach. Lemon Verbena stimulates creativity and may help to overcome inertia and listlessness. It and may also help those who have difficulties enjoying sensual pleasures.

Lemon Verbena is well suited to connecting with the inner child. It opens the mind to experiencing familiar things in a new light. It can be used for creative endeavours and for festivals that celebrate the gifts of Mother Earth. It is may be included in love philtres and potions and for rites of sacred union. It may also be used for astral travel and prophetic dreams.