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Lycium barbarum

In their native countries in Asia and China Goji berries have a raving reputation as a vitalising fruit that promotes longevity and boosts sexual vigour, youthfulness and beauty. The berries are eaten fresh, dried as a snack food, or added to medicinal soups. In China, the leaves and root bark are also used. In recent years Goji Berries' reputation has caused a stir in western health food markets and it is now widely sold as a superfood.

Goji Berries can best be described as a nutritional tonic food - also known as 'superfoods'. Such foods are very rich in nutrients and promote a tonic, restorative action. Goji berries are high in antioxidants, protein and vitamin C. They are ideal in stress situations or during convalescence. But anybody can benefit. In a recent double-blind study participants reported improved well-being, higher energy levels, better athletic performance, better digestion as well as musculoskeletal and cardiovascular improvements. In China the berries are traditionally used to treat or prevent macular degeneration caused by diabetic changes.

Used to for longevity, sexual vigour and the benevolent eye of the opposite sex.