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Eupatorium perfoliatum

Originally a native of North America, Boneset is beginning to make itself at home in Britain too. Native Americans taught the first settlers the benefits of this herb. The name of this herb is rather misleading. Boneset is not used to mend bones. Rather, the name derives from its use to treat a form of flu that was so severe that it was given the name 'break-bone' - it is for this break-bone influenza that boneset was deemed effective.

Native Americans used Boneset to combat feverish infections, such as the flu, measles etc. In the old days it was highly valued in cases of intermittent fevers, malaria and even syphilis and yellow fever. Its diaphoretic properties help the body to sweat out the infection while gently stimulating and cleansing the other channels of elimination. Boneset offers a truly holistic approach to dealing with feverish infections. It is excellent in soothing all the symptoms associated with the flu - congestion of the respiratory tract, pulmonary catarrh, aches and pains, constipation etc. Boneset is also indicated in pulmonary conditions of the elderly where there may be plenty of phlegm, but not enough power of expectoration. It is a gentle aid in cases of muscular rheumatism.

Not much is known about the magical uses of this herb. It wards of demons of disease and can be used for inner cleansing and protection.