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Prunella vulgaris

Self-Heal, also known as All-Heal, was once held in high esteem for its comprehensive healing powers, a sentiment expressed in the proverb 'He who hath Sanicle and Self-Heal needeth neither physician nor surgeon'. The traditional uses are based on its signature, yet it is rarely used in modern practice.

The shape of the flowers suggest a billhook and thus, Self-Heal was traditionally used as a woundwort, since in the old days most wounds were caused by billhooks, knives, scythes, sores and other sharp instruments. Gerard is so convinced of its effectiveness that he claims there is no better woundwort available. The herb is also used for internal wounds. The shape of the flower is reminiscent of a mouth and throat, and thus we also find it indicated as an astringent and anti-inflammatory in conditions such as tonsillitis, quinsy, ulcers of the mouth and throat as well as to remove mucous from the upper respiratory system. Interestingly, it has been used to treat kidney troubles, especially where these are associated with tooth decay. Recent studies have found that Prunella is able to improve glucose metabolism and significantly reduce blood sugar levels in laboratory rats.

Protection against injuries caused by sharp objects.