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HOLLY ~ Tinne

8th July ~ 4th August

The dark green, prickly leaves and bright red berries of this well-loved tree are best known as popular Christmas decorations. In the British Isles, Holly is the only native non-coniferous tree that does not shed its leaves in autumn. Instead, its white flowers turn into scarlet berries in the midst of winter. Thus, Holly represents the twin of the Oak King, and presides over the dark half of the year. Its patent vitality is evident in the ever-green leaves, even through the dead of the winter months.

Medieval Christians identified Holly with Christ and thus equally revered it as sacred. Holly is said to offer protection and good luck, sprigs of it are often hung above doorways as a charm. They are frequently found as marker trees and planted in hedges, or near dwellings to benefit from their protective aura.

In the Celtic Tree Calendar, Holly signifies the 8th month, the time of the barley harvest, representing growth, fertility, riches and increase.

Wear Holly Tree Wisdom Perfume to attune to the source of prosperity and fertility, the undying spirit of nature and limitless source that sustains us, even through the dark season. It is the same source that feeds the well of inner resourcefulness from which growth and riches flow.