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Ferula galbaniflua

An enigmatic and complex aroma, Galbanum is a bit of an odd ball as far as oils go. It is derived from a resin, which is not, as one might have thought, extracted from a tree, but rather from an herbaceous plant of the Carrot family that is native to Iraq and Iran. The whole plant exudes a milky substance, which hardens upon exposure to air. This resin has been used as incense and medicine since biblical times. The aroma of the essential oil is somewhat more refined than that of the resin from which it is distilled. While Frankincense was only used for sacred occasions, Galbanum and Myrrh could be burnt for domestic purposes as well. It was traditionally burnt as incense at spring equinox.

In aromatherapy skin care, Galbanum is helpful for oily skin and acne and is recommended as a tonic for mature skin and scar tissues. It is a deeply 'psychological' oil that may help delve into psychological sore spots in order to face old debris and clear energy blockages or traumas from the past.

Galbanum can be used for purification and protection. It has quite a vehement energy and may be useful for banishing negative energies in exorcism rituals. It may be used for shamanic journeys to the Underworld and can be useful at times when the soul is in a process of transformation and change. Galbanum can aid contemplation of the fact that every goal is a new beginning. In ancient Egypt it was used as an ingredient of embalming lotions.

A complex, multi-layered and long lasting scent, green, dark and mysterious. Blends well with Elemi, Hyacinth, Lavender, Bergamot, Narcissus, Violet and Geranium.