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Cinnamomum zeylanicum

What would Christmas be without the sweet, warming scent of Cinnamon wafting from kitchens and sweetening the air' Cinnamon, a precious herb from the East, made its way to Europe along the old spice routes. It was once so highly prized that it was only used on special festive occasions such as Christmas. Its true origin was long kept secret and people believed that it came from Arabia, where it was thought to grow not from the earth, but in the nests of Phoenix birds. To collect it, one had to lure the birds away from their nests long enough to climb up and get the precious bounty. Cinnamon was well known to the ancients. In Egypt and Greece it was burnt as incense to purify the temples and ward off evil spirits. It was also an ingredient of the sacred embalming oil. Cinnamon was considered a most precious substance, which on special occasions was offered as a sacrifice to the Gods. Even the Bible mentions it and gives a recipe for an anointing oil containing Cinnamon and Myrrh. Less piously, it has also long been regarded as a invigorating aphrodisiac that possesses the power to arouse passion.

Cinnamon leaf, like the spice, possesses some 'heat' and can be used to increase blood circulation to a localized area, such as aching muscles or rheumatic joints. This stimulating effect is also useful in cases of mental or physical debility, fragility and stress related conditions or exhaustion. It warms the heart and spirit and can be used to fight chills at the onset of a cold. It also helps to overcome emotional coldness and frigidity. Some ascribe it aphrodisiac properties. It stimulates the appetite and is very helpful for abdominal cramps and flatulent colic. It is also effective against lice and scabies. This is a powerful oil; it may cause skin reactions in sensitive types. Use with caution. Avoid during pregnancy.

The practitioner can make ample use of Cinnamon's stimulating power. It gives an extra boost of energy to all magical work and focuses the mind on the magical intention. It is excellent to use for cleanses and to purify or consecrate the ceremonial or ritual space. It can open psychic channels and may be useful for divination. It is also often included in love philtres and potions to attract lovers. As an aphrodisiac aroma it can be used in sex magic or tantric practices. Cinnamon is often regarded as a 'good luck' plant that may help to clear energy blockages and thus may help the practitioner to connect with the cosmic flow of his inner resourcefulness, prosperity and riches.

A warm, spicy, sweet and woody scent. Blends well with Clove, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Mandarin, Balsam of Peru and Benzoin.

Ceylon cinnamon.

Country of origin
Sri lanka