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23rd December

What a strange plant, that grows so high above in another tree and never touches the ground! Mistletoe is an epiphyte that loves to grow on Oak and Apple trees, but is also commonly found in Poplars.

The Druids revered it as their most sacred plant, existing between Heaven and Earth, so to speak. The berries ripen in midwinter. Their white translucence is reminiscent of the Moon, yet, when culled (traditionally with a golden sickle), they turn golden like the Sun. Thus, on the day after the Winter Solstice, Mistletoe represents the union of male and female principles that join the lunar and solar cycles of the year.

Owing to this dual nature, Mistletoe has the power of transmutation. It is considered a protector against all evil spirits and a magical remedy that can change bad energy into good, hate into love and darkness into light.

Wear Mistletoe Tree Wisdom Perfume to connect to your mercurial nature by balancing the inner male and female energies. The alchemical marriage bestows the power of transmutation.