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Cupressus sempervirens

Like dark, serene guardians of the threshold, rows of pencil-straight cypresses are often planted near cemeteries to keep watch over the entrance to the Otherworld. Cypresses have always been associated with death and mourning, but also with the eternal life of the soul. Greek mythology tells the tale of the young boy Cyparissos, a special friend of Apollo, who rode a beautiful sacred stag. One day he accidentally killed the animal with his own spear. Devastated, he longed for nothing more than to be allowed to die so he could be reunited with his stag in the Otherworld. Apollo tried to console him, but in vain. Wanting to honour his friend's wishes, he changed him into a cypress. And so, the cypress became the symbol of grief and mourning. Cypresses are planted on graves as a symbol of remembrance. Their 'gestalt' expresses not so much gloominess, as serene composure and concentration.

Cypress consoles and comforts those that are left behind, whether they are widowed or going through separation. Rather than glossing over the pain, it helps gaining a perspective and thus the ability to let go and rise above the immediate heartache. In aromatherapy it is also used for cellulites and oedema. It can aid coughs and conditions of the upper respiratory tract. It checks excessive perspiration and sweaty feet. Cypress is excellent for PMT, promotes menstrual flow and can be used as an aid for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. Avoid during pregnancy.

Cypress can be used in rites of passage, funerals or ceremonies of remembrance. It is protective and dispels evil energies. It can be used for grounding and as an aid for concentration and self-discipline. It can assist spiritual understanding of the laws of existence and the cycles of time. It helps the soul to heal the emotional wounds of separation and to let go of the ties that bind.

A woody, balsamic, smoky, lemony scent. Blends well with Clary Sage, Pine, Bergamot, Orange, Labdanum, and Juniper


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