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Cinnamomum camphora

True Camphor is the crystallized exudate of the Camphor tree, a relative of Cinnamon. Camphor trees have long been regarded as sacred - their massive size alone is awe inspiring. In its native Southeast Asia it was known as the 'King of Healing Plants'. In India, it was incorporated in various incense blends, particularly those that honour Shiva or Krishna. Camphor is sometimes mixed into the Betel quid for its stimulating and aphrodisiac properties. However, whether Camphor acts as an aphrodisiac or an anaphrodisiac seems to be a matter of dosage. Islamic sects and certain Buddhist groups use the incense to 'cool off' any Venusian drives, while Tantric sects value it for its stimulating effect. Medicinally, Camphor has a long established history, not just in the Far East, but also in Europe. In Ayurvedic medicine it is used to increase prana, open the senses and to clear the mind. It is said to cool the nerves in cases of hysteria. Camphor is very potent, which is why the actual crystals are no longer available to the trade, except in modified synthetic form. The oil is also very potent and should not be underestimated.

Camphor is an excellent oil to ward off viral infections, clear nasal passages and treat sinusitis. It is also useful for sinus headaches and as rubbing oil for bronchial congestion. It is very effective for muscle aches, rheumatic joints and sprains. It relieves itchiness of insect bites, cools sunburns and repels insects.

The magical uses of Camphor oil are complex. It lends itself well for protection and purification as it dispels all negative energies. It can be used for crystal cleansing and to purify ritual tools. It is also very good for clearing energies in newly inhabited spaces or those used for ritual work. In moderation it clears the mind and opens the gate to the astral world. In strong concentrations it can over-stimulate the mind so that no useful magical work is possible. It has been used both, an aphrodisiac or anaphrodisiac.

A cool, pungent campherous scent that immediately clears the sinuses. Blends well with Bergamot, Cardamom, Clove, Geranium, Lavender and Myrtle.


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