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Hyacinthus orientalis

A tragic love story tells the fate of Hyacinthus, a beautiful youth, beloved of Phoebus. One day, the two were out playing with the discus. Phoebus threw it far and high and hit the mark. Young Hyacinth ran to pick it up - alas, too eagerly, for Zephyrus, the mischievous Wind of the West, who also fancied Hyacinthus, had been roused with jealousy, and now he blew the discus from the sand. It hit poor Hyacinthus in the face and the youth fell to the ground. Blood flowed from his head his life lights were quickly fading. Phoebus was heartbroken, but the wound was beyond repair, even by the might of his healing powers. And so, to immortalize the boy's memory he turned him into flower, which immediately sprang from the ground where his blood had fallen. Every year since then the Spartans celebrate an annual festival to keep the memory of Hyacinthus alive. The Hyacinth was also one of the flowers that witnessed the rape of Persephone.
Dioscorides mentions it and reports that it was used to keep children sexually immature. The essential oil is extremely precious. It requires 6000kg of flowers to yield one single litre of the essential oil. It is mostly used in high class perfumery.

1ml* Dilution. 1ml: 9ml Light Coconut Oil.

In aromatherapy Hyacinth is rarely used, except to create individualized fragrances. However, it has potential for its psychological effects to treat addictions, burnout, depression, fatigue, apathy and stress related conditions. It can be useful at times of grieving and loss and may help to overcome fear and anxieties at the dawn of a new chapter in life, or at the break up of a relationship.

Hyacinth symbolises youth at the dawn of puberty and may thus be a perfect fragrance for those who want to keep the spirit of eternally youth alive. Yet, it heralds the loss of innocence, which comes with sexual maturity. It is a suitable oil for marking as an initiation the crossing of the threshold from childhood to puberty. It may help with coming to terms with the heartaches caused by immature love and jealousy that are the hallmark of this period of life.

Magically, it can be used to help heal a broken heart, to make a new start into unknown territory and to let go of attachments. It is thus useful for initiation rites and the marking of new beginnings. It may help us understand that every new beginning is also an ending and comfort those who are grieving for a loved one. Every loss or completion must be fully acknowledged and grieved and honoured before we can move on.

A somewhat green, sweet, floral scent which changes significantly over time and in relation to the individual pH level of the skin. This is true of all essential oils, but none more so than Hyacinth. Blends well with Narcissus, Elemi, Violet, Galbanum, Ylang Ylang, Styrax, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Amyris and Ambrette Seed.