It's the depth of winter. The sun moves into capricorn. The ground is frozen and nature is sleeping under a thick blanket of snow. But deep within the earth womb life is stirring - the sun is reborn. At the Winter Solstice, when we have reached the longest night the flame of hope is born and carries us through the rest of the winter. For the time being, there are few signs that life will return, but over the next few weeks the light we steadily increase. For now it is a time to celebrate and dip into the larder's reserves to celebrate the birth of the baby sun. Winter Solstice is a time to share your resources with friends and family and, inspired by hope, make plans for the future. It is a time to select the seeds and ideas we want to plant and grow in the coming season.


YEW ~ Idho

21st December ~ Winter Solstice

Yews are very magical trees, they are among the most ancient living things in northern Europe and may live up to 2000 years, or more. Which, from our human perspective seems almost eternal.

As evergreen trees they symbolise the eternal cycle of life, death, transformation, regeneration and rebirth. Yews are said to nurture the souls once they have passed to the Otherworld, fostering them through the period of rest until they are ready to join the dance of life once more. This is the reason why Yews are frequently found in churchyards or growing near sacred springs and wells. In time the waters of life will carry the souls to be reborn in their new incarnations. Thus Yews, which are sometimes called 'Trees of Death', actually signify a peaceful rest in the land of the Blessed, regeneration, rebirth and eternal life. Their serene and timeless energy calms and soothes the troubles and turmoil of life and allows transcendental wisdom to surface.

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